The Problem:

Businesses can't accurately and efficiently keep track of their incoming orders.

Time and money is wasted on a process that can be automated.


Human Intervention:

Our supply chain teams are great, and we love them.

But even the best supply chain team members are human. With constant orders on the go and hours of admin work each week, mistakes are inevitable.

Have you ever asked for an ETA on an order only to find out it hasn't even been sent to a supplier yet?

Now what?

Do we place an order now and hope we don't run out of stock before it arrives?

Is it worth risking production delays and potential sales losses?

Or do we airfreight it in to ensure our order arrives on time?

How much more will that cost us?

Both options are gloomy, and here we are, wishing we had just sent the order in the first place.


Do you ever find it strange that we're managing our complex inbound supply chain through a big mess of annoying Excel files and emails?

Even if you know you're an Excel guru, it just doesn't make sense to manage this manually. At the time, sending an order to a supplier via an email doesn't seem like a big deal. Sure, it's a bit of a time-waster, but so what?

Just wait until you have to go back and find that order you sent to that supplier six months ago. Is it still even in your sent box anymore?


Human Intervention - How Orderlink Solves Your Problem:

An application that tracks purchase orders from creation to fulfilment. Create your order as you normally would in your ERP, and it automatically syncs with Orderlink.

Once you're in the Orderlink app, one click of a button, and your order is automatically sent to the supplier.

In your order panel, you can view order milestones and collaborate with the order stakeholders. If you want to invite your contract manufacturer or 3PL facility to be a part of this communication, that is not a problem. Any stakeholder for this order can log in to Orderlink and check the order status or collaborate with another stakeholder.

Your boss, that person who won't stop asking you where that order is, can even log in and view it for themselves.

Why wouldn't they?

It's so easy.


Legacy ERP systems:

I wonder if my ERP provider will make this for me?

ERP companies move too slow and are expensive to customize.

Think about the last time you asked for a customized solution from your ERP provider.

How long did it take them?

How much did it cost you?

How good was what they built?


Some ERPs have some of the capabilities of Orderlink. But no ERP has close to all of them.

It's the combination of all the functionalities that allow for complete visibility.

There's no point in just having a little bit of visibility some of the time.

I want to know the status of all of my orders all the time.


Legacy ERP systems - How Orderlink Solves Your Problem:

We have custom-built API solutions that allow us to integrate your current ERP system with Orderlink. So, once you decide Orderlink is a no-brainer during our onboarding process, we set this all up for you.

 All you need to do is log on and start using it.

Orderlink has a simple and intuitive interface, and minimal training is required. Unlike your ERP system that nobody actually figured out how to use properly.

We make software our users actually enjoy using.

Alongside our custom-built APIs, our suppliers feed information into Orderlink for you. You don't have to extract all this data from emails and various spreadsheets and consolidate it into a messy array of files.

Next time your customer wants to know what is happening with their order, you don't have to hide behind your old ERP system and make an excuse for inaccurate information.

Just jump onto Orderlink, and you can provide them accurate information about their order.


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