Orderlink's Take: How Cummins Streamlined Shipment Tracking


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Cummins, a global shipper, previously grappled with the complexity of managing multiple freight carriers, a common challenge in the logistics industry. This fragmented approach resulted in difficulties in handling carrier information and shipment specifications. The key breakthrough was consolidating this information into a single, unified database.


By centralizing carrier data, Cummins streamlined its shipping operations. This move reduced process times and notably minimized labelling errors due to real-time label printing. Moreover, it enhanced shipment visibility with automatic tracking event updates from carrier servers, combining tracking from multiple carriers into a unified view. This real-time tracking allowed the Cummins team to gain full visibility into the latest status of every shipment, enabling them to share this information with their customers and enhance the service they provide.


The ability to monitor freight costs and ensure the accuracy of carrier freight invoices became a reality, thanks to real-time freight cost calculations. This not only improved operational efficiency but also simplified the invoicing process.


Orderlink’s take:

While most freight forwarders toss in a tracking solution as part of their service package, it means juggling multiple applications to monitor shipments for their customers with multiple freight forwarders.         


The efficient tracking of landed freight costs accelerates the invoicing process and facilitates precise landed inventory valuation. Enabling accurate supplier analysis to procure your materials competitively.