Have you ever asked your ERP provider for an add-on or additional feature?

I hope you’re prepared to wait and then wait some more.

Additional features on top of the base product take many meetings and have long project timelines.

Once additional features are delivered more often than not it is below average. So for the high cost, it hardly seems worth it.

So, what do you do? You look to external software providers.

However, by using an external provider you now have an additional silo of data to manage.

And you don’t want to have to manually key in information to this second system.


Orderlink Solution:

Orderlink offers tailored APIs designed for seamless integration with your existing ERP system.

This integration ensures real-time synchronization of data between Orderlink and your ERP system.

It allows for the data stored in your ERP to be coexist along side the data collected by Orderlink inside an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

For example, purchase orders created in your ERP would normally be displayed as lines of raw data.

With Orderlink instead of just having lines of raw data in your ERP you now have an entire purchase order interface with live updates, stakeholder collaboration and visual representation of important order milestones.

Orderlink's proficient team handles all aspects of integration, guaranteeing effective and efficient implementation.



Real-Time Data Synchronization -

Ensures instant and continuous data synchronization between Orderlink and your ERP system.

Enhanced User Interface - Transforms raw data in your ERP into a user-friendly interface within Orderlink.

Improved Order Visibility - Provides a comprehensive view of purchase orders with live updates and visual representations.

Cost-Effective Innovation - Overcomes the common challenge of costly and subpar additional features from traditional ERP providers.