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Amazon packaging shift - Amazon is exploring a packaging shift, considering package deliveries without conventional boxes to enhance efficiency. This change, driven by cost reduction, quicker deliveries, and sustainability objectives, could see more items arriving in their original manufacturer's packaging. While concerns of increased theft exist, psychological studies indicate that removing the element of surprise might deter theft. In 2022, Amazon shipped approximately 11% of items without its standard branded boxes. Although users can opt for Amazon packaging, the default could become boxless. Notably, about 260 million packages were stolen in 2022, a significant rise from the previous year. Simultaneously, Amazon is collaborating with suppliers to develop sturdy yet minimalistic packaging that aligns with its packaging reduction initiative.


Tesla & Australian mining firm potential legal claim - Australian mining firm Core Lithium Ltd. has disclosed that Tesla Inc. recently alerted them to a potential legal claim due to the breakdown of their supply deal negotiations in 2022. The dispute revolves around a binding term sheet for the supply of spodumene concentrate, sourced from Core's Finniss Lithium Project in Australia's Northern Territory. The negotiations, which spanned nearly seven months, ultimately failed between the Adelaide-based miner and Tesla. This unfolded amidst surging prices for the lithium-bearing raw material vital for electric vehicle batteries. Back in March 2022, Core Lithium and Tesla were in talks for a deal involving up to 110,000 tons of spodumene concentrate tied to market prices. However, the parties surpassed an October 2022 deadline without reaching an agreement for the four-year deal.


DP World adding 3 million TEU - DP World has unveiled plans to increase its port terminal capacity by 3 million Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) by the end of 2023, bringing the company's total capacity to 93.6 million TEUs. Previously holding 9% of global TEU handling capacity, this expansion highlights DP World's commitment to growth. The initiative also emphasizes technology integration and updated terminal operating systems across ports, streamlining operations and boosting capacity. Drewry Shipping forecasts a rise in global container throughput from 858 million TEUs in 2021 to 932 million TEUs by 2025.


Maersk’s autonomous supply chain - Maersk, the global shipping giant, is advancing towards a fully autonomous supply chain. According to Navneet Kapoor, Maersk's CTO, the vision of achieving 'zero touch logistics' is becoming more feasible. Kapoor emphasized the ongoing development of an AI engine to digitize most of the supply chain. Presently, artificial intelligence contributes to approximately 20% of Maersk's logistics tasks, with plans to elevate this to 70%-80% over the next seven years.


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Amazon packaging shift

Tesla & Australian mining firm potential legal claim

DP World adding 3 million TEU

Maersk’s autonomous supply chain