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Cargo ship crew members dissatisfied - Life as a crew member on cargo-related ships is undeniably tough, with 1.89 million seafarers enduring long voyages that isolate them from loved ones for up to nine months. A recent survey by Mission to Seafarers, a support organization for seafarers, has shown a notable decline in seafarer happiness across all areas compared to Q4 2022. Notably, general crew happiness, shore leave, and workload have seen the most significant drops, resulting in an approximate 8% decrease in the index score. Surprisingly, the scarcity of drinkable water remains a crucial concern affecting seafarer happiness, despite being addressed by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). Additionally, global food price hikes have adversely impacted seafarers, with tight meal budgets and expense cuts leading to inadequate supplies for periods as long as 2-3 weeks. The survey has also highlighted limited shore leave opportunities, impacting mental health, job satisfaction, and overall well-being. Considering these issues, seafarers are advocating for standardized protocols regarding shore leave.


Indian laptop imports under new licensing rule - Apple and Samsung have suspended laptop shipments to India due to recent regulations demanding special licenses for importing specific electronics like tablets, personal computers, and laptops. Uncertainty looms over the time required for tech firms to secure these licenses, while shipments already en route will be allowed until August 31st 2023, without licenses. The motive behind the move is to drive domestic manufacturing in India. India's electronic imports hit $19.7 billion in Q2 2023, a 6.25% YoY increase, and the country's PC and laptop market, valued at $8 billion annually, heavily relies on imports for about 66% of its products.


Tiktok same day fulfilment - TikTok Shop has launched "Fulfilled by TikTok" (FBT) program in the UK, introducing seamless selling for merchants. FBT promises same-day automated fulfillment for orders until 7pm on weekdays, along with next working day premium delivery, improved customer interactions, and reduced delivery times.


Volva battery powered electric trucks recall - Volvo AB is issuing a recall for nearly all battery-powered electric trucks manufactured in the U.S. over the past four years due to potential battery fire concerns. The recall covers around 172 vehicles under the Volvo brand and nine Mack Trucks produced between 2019 and 2023. The decision to recall follows a fire incident involving a battery at Volvo's Virginia assembly plant. The affected trucks are equipped with battery packs from supplier Akasol AG, and the issue is limited to a specific plant of the supplier in the U.S. The root cause is attributed to technical problems in power distribution within the batteries, possibly leading to debris accumulation and resulting in a heightened risk of short-circuits and fires.


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