As a Kiwi manufacturer, importer, or exporter in the food and beverage industry, maintaining compliance documents is a crucial part of your operations. Whether it's Biosecurity Authority Clearance Certificates (BACC), Food Safety System Certifications (FSSC), or other regulatory documents, keeping accurate records is essential. These documents are vital for ensuring safety and regulatory compliance, and failure to manage them properly can lead to severe penalties and audit issues.

The problem is keeping a record of these documents can be difficult to stay on top of and this problem becomes more prolific at scale. More often than not documents are received in emails, downloaded as PDFs and then saved into an abyss of company files. Making it easy for these documents to be lost, mismanaged, and completely forgotten about.

So, when an auditor arrives on your doorstep requiring you to provide that BACC document for a shipment from 2 years ago you frantically start searching the abyss. Should you fail to locate this document, a fine awaits without delay. Even with the best intentions and a consistent record of obtaining compliance documents, old documents can sometimes get lost or become impossible to locate.



To solve this, we have created a compliance document file manager. A cloud database that can be accessed by all relevant stakeholders in your company.

When a supplier sends you a compliance document our AI document extractor can digitize the important information and store it on our platform.

Once the data is extracted it becomes easy to search for documents by supplier, document type, Ref number, Bill of Lading etc.

So when that the auditor does inevitably show up on your doorstep there is no anxiety of finding a document and zero risk of imposed fines or contract suspension .


How it works

  1. Receive documents
  2. AI Extraction
  3. Organize and Store
  4. Access and reminders



Avoid Fines and Penalties: With all your compliance documents easily accessible, you'll never miss producing a document during an audit, avoiding costly fines.

Reduce Administrative Work: Eliminate the manual storage and management of documents, saving time and reducing errors.

Automated Reminders: Receive reminders to update safety certificates before they expire, ensuring continuous compliance.

Better Supplier Management: Keep track of supplier food safety certificates and stay informed about compliance statuses.

Improved Efficiency: Quickly search for documents by supplier, type, reference number, or bill of lading, giving you peace of mind and saving time.

Zero Risk of Contract Suspension: Ensure that you can always produce necessary documents during audits by your major customers, eliminating the risk of contract suspension.