The Problem:

Businesses can't accurately and efficiently keep track of their incoming orders.

Time and money is wasted on a process that can be automated.


Third-party collaboration:

You’re a fast-growing kiwi brand.

But It’s still early days.

The capital investment of owning your own manufacturing facility doesn’t quite make sense yet.

So, you decide to outsource your manufacturing to a third-party contract manufacturer.

And that’s fine, these guys are experts, so you don’t have to be.

What you do have to do is:

  1. Schedule production with your contract manufacturer.
  2. Order raw materials.
  3. Receipt deliveries that arrived at your contract manufacturers site.
  4. Pay supplier invoices.


Production Delays

You book in a production slot with your contract manufacturer 2 weeks from now.

All your raw materials are on site except for those damn bottlecaps.

You’re praying they’ll arrive in time for the production batch in 2 weeks’ time.

But you can’t know for sure if they will or not and the supplier doesn’t want to guarantee it.

2 weeks passes by and still no bottle caps to be seen.

You forced to cancel your production request and your contract manufacturer slaps you with a production downtime penalty.

If you knew the shipment was going to be late earlier, you could have just scheduled the batch later in the first place!

Or at least be able to give reasonable notice and avoid the penalty.

And forget about those customer orders you needed to send out by the end of the week!


How Orderlink Solves Your Problem - Production Delays

Place your order with your supplier via Orderlink.

Both you and your contract manufacturer have access to track related shipments.

If you both know when raw materials are going to arrive you can schedule production time accordingly.

This completely reduces the risk of scheduling production with materials that won’t arrive in time.

Because let’s face it late shipments are still a very real thing.

But at least this way you don’t have to bite your nails hoping the materials make it in time for the next batch.

With visibility on your shipments, you can forget about the hefty production downtime penalties. 

Orderlink gives you the ability to see into the future, realize those good won’t arrive and reschedule that batch without the penalty.



Because your raw materials are delivered to your contract manufacturers site. You never actually get to see the goods arrive.

You rely on communication from your contract manufacturer to notify you that your goods have shown face and the supplier’s invoice is ready to be paid.

This communication is usually a scanned email copy of the supplier’s delivery docket, a spreadsheet with all the orders the contract manufacturer received on that day or a system-generated PDF linked with the contract manufacturer's receipting process.

At the end of each day, you go through and consolidate all the orders received by your contract manufacturer one by one and manually receipt in each PO line into your ERP system.

This an extremely manual process.


How Orderlink Solves Your Problem - Receipting

Orderlink can pull data from scanned documents or third-party generated spreadsheets and link it to the original order you placed.

So, with Orderlink’s automated receipting tool all you need to do is click and confirm.

Data is synched with your ERP in the blink of an eye. It’s like magic…

If magic makes you nervous, there’s still the ability of assisted reconciliation.

No more going through a crowded email inbox or a messy spreadsheet to manually receipt those delivery dockets.