Multi-Channel Presence

Aspire Bakeries is a cross-category foodservice and retail baking company that currently has 14 bakeries in North America. The organization’s products include several types of premium breads and sweet baked goods such as cookies and donuts. Aspire Bakeries’ leading brands in the food industry include Otis Spunkmeyer, America’s number-one foodservice cookie brand, and La Brea Bakery, America’s favorite artisan bread. The company’s multi-channel presence spans a number of outlets, such as quick-service restaurants, retail and grocery stores, and foodservice operations.

The Need to Leverage All TMS Data

Originally Aspire Bakeries was a TMS technology user, and the business was fragmented at that time. The company found that e2open’s Transportation Management solution was working well, but that there were additional capabilities that could bring more value to the business. The bakery was using the TMS primarily to tender freight out without fully leveraging the data and TMS functionality provided.

Why e2open?

With the combination of new business significantly increasing in volume and severe winter weather severely impacting the transport industry, Aspire Bakeries looked to e2open’s Logistics as a Service (LaaS) to capitalize on all the advantages of the TMS. Aspire Bakeries chose LaaS to fully leverage the TMS’s complex data and capabilities. 

Informed Decisions Leading to Competitive Advantage

Aspire Bakeries has launched significant projects with e2open: • A Carrier Performance Award Program designed to help facilitate relationships and conversations with carriers • Tracking for demand planning order lead time • Network design and optimization to determine the optimal distribution network to support changes in Aspire Bakeries’ business • Performance reporting on bakery outbound trailer utilization to reduce the cost of empty space Aspire Bakeries now leans on its e2open LaaS team to evaluate the powerful reporting capabilities of the TMS. The LaaS team also provides access to a wide range of data that allows Aspire Bakeries to make informed analytics-based decisions, giving the organization a competitive advantage. With e2open’s LaaS team running the TMS for Aspire Bakeries, the company has been able to focus more on core competencies while gaining visibility and realizing measurable improvements.

About e2open

E2open is the connected supply chain software platform that enables the world’s largest companies to transform the way they make, move, and sell goods and services. With the broadest cloud-native global platform purpose-built for modern supply chains, e2open connects more than 400,000 manufacturing, logistics, channel, and distribution partners as one multi-enterprise network tracking over 12 billion transactions annually. Their SaaS platform anticipates disruptions and opportunities to help companies improve efficiency, reduce waste, and operate sustainably. Moving as one.